IBHNet:Using the IBH Link S7++ with Intouch

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Using the IBH Link S7++ or IBH Link S7++ HS with Intouch via RFC1006

In order to use the RFC1006 function of the IBH Link S7++ or IBH Link S7++ HS with Intouch, please follow the description step by step.

  • Start the System Management Console:

<Start ⇒ Programs ⇒ Wonderware ⇒ System Management Console>


  • As <Network Address> enter the IP Address of the IBH Link
    <Remote Rack No> = 0 Rack Address of the PLC
    <Remote Slot No> = 2 MPI® Address of the PLC
    <Connection Resource> = 2
  • Then the Device Group needs to be entered (via this name the WW Client accesses the IBH Link)


  • Then the Wonderware Client needs to be configured:

<Start ⇒ Programs ⇒ Wonderware Factory Suite ⇒ Common ⇒ WWClient>



  • The Field <Node> needs to be empty, as <Topic> the Device Groups Name will be used.
  • After successful configuration, the desired items can be entered and be activated via the Button <AdviseEX>:


  • With the activated SIDirect DA-Server, the configured items should appear in the Wonderware Client Connection Window with their current value: