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Once the installation and configuration of the IBHNet driver has been completed successfully, please run your copy of the TIA® Portal. In the project tree IBHNet appears as device in the branch "Online access". In the properties, it can be chosen whether it is MPI® or Profibus. Set the interface settings according to your needs.
The "Interface state" reports "Inteface state is unknown". This is normal, since the IBHNet driver is not a physical Siemens device, that is inserted in the PC.
Since the menu item "Extras ⇒ Set PG/PC interface" to set the Interface does not exist in the TIA® Portal, the connected station must be chosen from within the settings in the IBHNet driver.


From "Start ⇒ Programs ⇒ IBHNet" run the program "Administrate IBHNet stations". The screen as shown below will be displayed:


With "Options - Test and Settings" a Dialog opens. In this Dialog, the IBHNet Stations configured for online access can be chosen.


Alternatively, the setting can also be made in station dialog by clicking the button "Test" in the configuration dialog of the station.
The configuration is completed, online access with the TIA® Portal over the selected IBH Link is now possible.