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New application fields beside the S7 world through CommDTM for the IBH Link S7++

For the well proven gateway IBH Link S7++, IBHsoftec GmbH now offers a free Communication DTM.


The IBH Link S7++ is a gateway from Ethernet to MPI/PROFIBUS (Class 2 Master), available inside the connector housing, or for DIN rail mount. With the Communication DTM (CommDTM), the IBH Link S7++ can be used for configuration and parameterization of Field Devices, based on the FDT (Field Device Tool) technology. The CommDTM can be used in the FDT Frame Application like for instance PACTware™ or FieldCare™ and provides communication to the PROFIBUS.

Of course, all existing standard communication modes are still available and active. This way parallel projecting and maintenance of plants with S7 PLCs is possible. Also HMI devices for process visualization can use the IBH Link S7++ to connect to a S7 PLC.
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One of the new possibilities allows you to diagnose and configure Profibus nodes or drives over data set routing with the standard S7 engineering tools. This permits the use of tools like STARTER or PDM in networked environments. The driver software can also be integrated into the TIA Portal.

In addition, the IBH Link S7++ can be used to establish PLC to PLC communications. The connection information is projected with the standard tool NetPro and is part of the project. Also, the connection information and can be downloaded to the IBH Link S7++ with NetPro. In the PLC program no special blocks are required because it is a standard S7 connection, requiring only the usual blocks for S7 communications.

A well documented open API with free source code, permits platform independent access to S7 variables, regardless of the programming language or operating system. In addition S7 connections are not limited by subnet depth, also S7 routing for PLCs and HMI panels is supported.