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OPC Client

One of the advantages of the IBH Link UA from IBHsoftec is, that the IBH Link UA supports Client and Server functions simultaneously.

This allows data exchange between different OPC UA Servers.

For example control systems and other equipment with OPC UA servers from different manufacturers can exchange data with each other.

The configuration of the client functions will be made using a standard web browser.

Configuration of the Client Function

Add Server

First, the servers which shall communicate with each other need to be defined. The required security level must be chosen.

IBH Link UA Client add server.png

IBH Link UA Client Discovery Servers.png

Add Variable to read

As next step the variables to be read must be selected.

In addition, the sampling rate of the variable must be entered.

IBH Link UA Client add variable read.png

IBH Link UA Client select variable read.png

Change parameters of the Variable

The sampling intervall and the queue size can be changed:

IBH Link UA Client Variable Properties.png

IBH Link UA Client Variable Change Parameters.png

Connect Variable

The value, time stamp and read status of variables can now be written into other variables.

IBH Link UA Client connect variable.png

IBH Link UA Client connected variable.png

Advantages of Client function

Communication between Controllers

The client function enables communication between different controllers. It is irrelevant, whether the controllers are connected to one or more OPC UA servers.

Communication between Controllers and other devices with OPC UA

There are more and more devices and sensors with integrated OPC UA servers on the market.

The client function allows easy exchange of data with these devices.

Monitoring of the communication

The controller can easily monitor data connections via the time stamp and variable status using the client function:

1. Monitoring the data connection to the own OPC UA server

Each OPC UA server contains the variable "Current Time":

IBH Link UA Client Server Time Stamp.png

This variable must be connected with a variable in the controller. The variable then must be monitored for changes in the controller logic.

If the variable does not change, there is no connection to the OPC Server. In this case, the controller or machine can be set in a safe condition.

2. Monitoring of the Variable to be read

The OPC UA Server automatically monitors the variable to be read. If there is a fault, this is indicated in the variable status.

The meaning of the values are defined within the OPC UA specification. If the value is 0, everything ist fine.

This status variable therefore should also be connected to a variable in the controller and also should be monitored.

IBH Link UA Client Read Status.png