IBHLink S5++:S7 1500 PLC with IBHLink S7++

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SIMATIC® S5 PLC can be connected to the s7 1500 PLC via the IBH Link S5++

The IBH Link S5++ will be configured as a S7-300 station.

The following station can be selected:

MLFB: 6ES7 412-2EK06-0AB0 V6.0

Rack 0, Slot 2

IP Address of the IBHLink S5++

IBH Link S5++ S7 Dummy PLC.png

Now a S7 connection between the Dummy PLC IBH Link S5++ and the S7 1500 PLC must be established:

IBH Link S5++ S7 Connection.png

Full access and access with PUT/GET communication is necessary:

IBH Link S5++ S7 Security.png

Via the configured connection a data exchange between both stations can now be realized with the standard blocks PUT and GET.