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Mounting and Connection

The Siemens IoT2040 is designed for DIN rail mount:

IBH IoT 2040 300px.jpg


Use only supply voltage from 12V to 36V to operate the device. Higher voltage may destroy the device.

Inserting the microSD card

The microSD card delivered with the device needs to be exchanged with the card provided by IBHsoftec GmbH.

Power off the devicee before changing the microSD card!
The slot for the microSD card is located on the board:

IBH IoT 2040 microSD.png

Configuration of the IP addresses

The administration can be made with a recent web browser over the Ethernet port 1 by using the host name f.i. http://iot2000
or over the port 2 by entering the default IP Address

No other tools are required.

Default IP Address configuration:

Level Port Address
Management level Port 1 Host name: f.i.iot2000
Control level Port 2 - 4

Default Login:


IBH IoT 2040 Login.png

Network: Management Level

Network configuration for Port 1 (Management level respectively Supervision Level):

IBH IoT 2040 Management Level.png

Network: Control Level

Network configuration for Port 1 (Control Level respectively Machine Level):

IBH IoT 2040 Controlt Level.png

From both levels the Endpoint URL can be copied:

IBH IoT 2040 Endpoint URL.png

The Endpoint URL is provided by the IBH Link UA and is the destination URL for the OPC Client.

In our sample, the UA Expert diagnostic client from Unified Automation is shown:

IBH IoT 2040 Endpoint URL Client.png

Configuration of the stations

The configuration of the staions is simalar to the configuration within the well known IBH Link UA:

Time Settings


Before creating certificates, the clock of the IBH Link UA must be set with the correct date and time!

IBH IoT 2040 Time.png


OPC UA defines different Security Levels:

IBH IoT 2040 Security.png

There are different levels of encryption None, Basic128Rsa15 and Basic256

None No encryption
Basic128Rsa15 128 Bit encryption
Basic256 256 Bit encryption
Basic256Sha256 256 Bit encryption

The IBH Link UA supports the level Sign, Sign and Encrypt and Sign + Sign and Encrypt

Sign The messages contain signed certificates
Sign and Encrypt The messages contain signed certificates and are encrypted
Sign + Sign and Encrypt The messages may contain only signed certificates, or can be signed and are encrypted as well



Before creating certificates, the time of the IBH Link UA must be set

Exchange of Certificates is another important security level of OPC UA.
A communication is only possible, if both Server and Client have a valid certificate assigned by the respective partners.

IBH IoT 2040 Server Client.png

After setting the time of the IBH Link UA, a new server certificate can be created:

IBH IoT 2040 New Certificate.png

To get the best reliability of the Server Certificate, all fields need to be completed in detail:

IBH IoT 2040 Certificate.png

If an existing Server Certificate shall be used with the IBH Link UA, it can be uploaded via the button <Upload Server Certificate>.

Make the IBH Link UA Server Certificate visible for the Client:

OPC UA clients usually detect server certificates automatically, when the first connection is established

or they offer other options for the handling of certificates.

Make the Client Certificate visible for the IBH Link UA Server:

After the client has accepted the server certificate, it will send the client certificate.

Whether new certificates are existing, can be checked using the Refresh button or the key <F5>:

IBH IoT 2040 Trust Certificate.png

Once the certificate is trusted, the communication with the Client can be established:

IBH IoT 2040 OPC Client.png

Historical Data

While OPC Data Access allows the access to data in real time, supports OPC Historical Access, also called OPC HDA access, access to already stored data. From simple data logging systems to complex SCADA systems historical data can be queried on standardized manner. The activation of the Historical data is easily performed using the web browser.

IBH IoT 2040 HDA Web.png

IBH Link UA HDA.png


System information like the MAC address of the IBH Link UA can be found here:

IBH IoT 2040 System.png