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Configuration with IBH OPC Editor

Besides STEP7 or the TIA Portal the IBH OPC Server can be used for configuration.

After installation the IBH OPC Editor is avilable for free in combination with the IBH Link UA.

The following protocols are supported:

  • S7 300/400 TCP/IP
  • S7 200 TCP/IP
  • S7 1200 TCP/IP
  • S7 1500 TCP/IP
  • SIMATIC S5 with IBH Link S5++ via S7 TCP/IP protocol

IBH Link UA IBH Editor Project.png

The operation instructions for the IBH OPC Editor can be found on our Wiki at: IBH OPC Server.

Within the mnenu OPC Slots the OPC Editor File can be loaded:

IBH Link UA Load IBH Editor Project.png

All PLC with supported protocols will be listed:

IBH Link UA IBH Editor Project loading.png

After the OPC Editor file was donwloaded successfully the different PLC and their variables are listed within the menu OPC Slots:

IBH Link UA IBH Editor Project loaded.png